Joe and Ellie – The Story So Far

In this section, you can follow Joe and Ellie’s story, how they met and the journeys they go on. They tend to engage in some of the risks people take on holidays, and sometimes without the correct travel insurance – so watch carefully and see if you can notice where they trip up!

Winter Sports Holidays

Joe and Ellie first met on a skiing holiday in the Alps. Ellie is an avid skier whereas Joe, well, isn’t. Trying to impress in front of a pretty girl, Joe’s plan doesn’t go the way he thought!

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Adventure Holidays

Joe and Ellie’s relationship sparkled and they are on their way to Peru for their first Adventure Holiday together. Take a look at the video to see what activities they get up to – let’s hope they have the correct cover.

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The Story So Far - Photo Album

Take a look Joe and Ellie's story so far, from a winter sports holiday to an adventure filled one...I wonder what could be next? 

Is that Joe proposing to Ellie?! 

Honeymoon Holidays

Joe and Ellie’s have tied the knot! Watch them get married and head off on their honeymoon – let’s hope this holiday is less adventurous than the rest…

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Key Top Tips to keep in mind when purchasing your travel insurance

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