Flight Safety Advice

We all know flying isn’t the best part about going on holiday. You wake up early to spend hours at the airport before queuing up and getting on a plane to sit next to a stranger…

It can be stressful at the best of times, especially if a flight is delayed or cancelled. So, what should you keep in mind when flying?


Firstly, it is best to plan your journey to the airport in advance, you can pre-book a parking space, get a lift from a friend or take public transport. Just make sure you have left plenty of time to check in, get through passport control, security, and allow a contingency for any unexpected delays.

It’s important to note, that if you are stuck in traffic on your way to the airport and miss your flight, your travel insurance may not cover you, in fact most standard policy would not offer cover for this, which would leave you out of pocket if you had to book a new flight. Most people are unaware of this so check your policy, it may be worth looking for a policy that does provide this extra cover.


Check-in online, most airlines now offer the chance for you to check-in online 24 hours before your departure time. Meaning one less thing to think about when arriving at the airport. Just don’t forget to print out your boarding pass or store them in your phone. Remember, if you have bags to check -in you must still allow yourself plenty of time, because there will still be queues at the airline desks – on line check in just saves the airline the cost of printing a boarding pass and allocating a seat number at the airport. Some airlines invite you to pay extra for ‘speedy check-in and boarding’, but if everyone decides to take that option the queues will be just as long. The secret is to always ensure that you arrive at the airport in plenty of time.


Only take the essentials in your hand luggage – especially when you already have a suitcase full in the hold, don’t be that person with huge hand luggage trying to cram it into the overhead lockers. It is best to be mindful of others.


So, what should you take on the plane with you as hand luggage?

  • Your phone and wallet/ purse – but make sure to keep these on you and not in the overhead lockers, as most travel insurers will not cover you if they are lost or stolen. For woman, put a smaller bag in your carryon bag, this way when you sit down you can keep the smaller bag with you, leaving your larger bag in the overhead lockers.

A top tip for men is to keep these items in your pocket.

  • Valuables and gadgets - if you pack them in your checked-in luggage and they are lost or stolen, it is unlikely that your travel insurance will cover you.
  • Travel documents – most people now save their documents and important numbers on their phones, always make sure you know who to contact in an emergency situation. Also, give a close family member or friend these details too…just in case.
  • Socks and a hooded jumper or cardigan – remember it will be cold on the plane!
  • Water – it is important to ensure you stay hydrated, and remember you will feel the effects of alcohol a lot quicker at altitude, and alcohol and high altitude will have a dehydrating effect on you too. So, ensure you drink plenty of water, it is worth buying a bottle once you have cleared security so you aren’t dependant on the airline trolley coming around. You don’t want to be removed from the plane for being under the influence of alcohol, as your travel insurance will not cover any additional costs related to this.


When you leave the plane make sure you check the seat pocket, the seat and the overhead locker to make sure that you do not leave anything behind. Many travel insurance policies do not provide cover for items left behind on disembarkation.


Follow all of the above and you should have a stress-free journey to your holiday destination.

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