Adventure Holidays

Adventure holidays are a great way to experience the world and enjoy the most beautiful scenery. On Joe and Ellie’s recent adventure holiday they visited Peru and climbed the infamous Machu Picchu but what happened when Ellie experienced altitude sickness? Would you be covered if this were to happen to you?

Watch the video to find out.

Top Tips


If you have to cancel your holiday you would usually be able to claim for the cost of your pre-paid unused flights and accommodation but you may not get back any money that you have spent on additional items such as visas and vaccinations. It is always best to make sure you have had all of the vaccinations before leaving for your holiday and that you have the right visas for the countries you plan on visiting. You don’t want to arrive and be denied entry to the country and put on the next fight home!

Top Tip

Costs for vaccinations and visas can vary in price and may be very expensive if you are planning a longer holiday to lots of countries. If this is something that applies to you it may be worth looking for a policy that does provide cover for these additional costs.


Adventurous holidays will be filled with multiple of activities and excursions so it is always best to check that the activities you are planning to do are covered under your travel insurance policy as they might not be covered as standard.

Top Tip

Activities covered as standard may differ from insurer to insurer, so it’s always best to check before you travel. But what if like Joe and Ellie you book activities such as white water rafting while you are away? On some policies, you may be able to contact the travel insurance provider either over the phone or through webchat to add the extra activity – Not all providers allow this – so check before you go.

Trekking limits

An adventure holiday is the perfect time to take part in activities like climbing the 2,000m to the top of Machu Picchu like Joe and Ellie, but be aware that most travel insurance policies will only cover trekking/ walking/ hiking and mountaineering up to 1,000m as standard.

Top Tip

It’s important to check that your policy will cover you for any adventurous activity – it’s called an adventure holiday for a reason, right? Especially if you are an avid mountaineer!

Unused Activities

Ever been in the same situation as Ellie when she was affected by altitude sickness and couldn’t take part in the last two days of their adventure holiday?

Top Tip

If you are taken ill or injured during your trip and unable to take part in any of the activities you have already booked and paid for, you could be out of pocket. A standard policy won’t always cover these eventualities so bear this in mind next time you purchase your travel insurance.

Additional Expenses

If you cannot return home as planned because of accident or illness you might be faced with additional costs for airport parking and pets in kennels – These bills can quickly add up.

Top Tip

Most travel insurance policies will cover some of these additional expenses, but only if your return home is affected by delayed flights. It may be worth looking for a policy that offers extra cover for these additional costs, should injury or illness delay your return home.

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