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Who thought a travel insurance policy would be a good holiday read? Full of technical terms, small print and no pictures! No wonder 25% of travellers never bother to read their policy. Of course, the problems arise when you come to make a claim – suddenly the small print is important, especially when you discover that you can’t claim for everything and this is generally when you feel unhappy and that you have wasted your money.

Travel Insurance Explained wants to put a stop to all that!

We understand that travel insurance can be confusing and that too many people buy travel insurance without really knowing what they are paying for. If we also factor that most people will buy the cheapest policy possible, without realising that their cover may be severely reduced or that they will pay a much higher excess, it is no wonder so many end up unhappy.

Our goals are:

  • To help customers understand what a policy can, and cannot cover.
  • To explain insurance jargon, in everyday terms.
  • To give customers the tools they need to ensure they get the most appropriate policy.
  • To help reduce disputed claims and so increase customer satisfaction
  • And to show you why price shouldn’t necessarily be the deciding factor

So, whilst you might think that buying travel insurance is an unnecessary inconvenience, we hope we can show you that this is not the case and that It is quite easy to ensure that you have the correct cover in the event that you need to claim.

The ABI announced that travel insurers paid out £1m a day last year - this is the highest amount since 2010!  This clearly shows just how important travel insurance is to so many people for so many different reasons.

Joe and Ellie are here to show you what a worst-case scenario might look like and also what to look out for when buying your policy.

Travel Insurance Explained is brought to you by tifgroup, the second largest UK travel insurer.

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